Closed Loop CO2 Extractor for Sale



The CDMH.50-2x-2f is an industry-leading closed loop CO2 extractor. Our high-performance supercritical oil extraction equipment features the best flow rates and reliability on the market today! Our extraction system yeilds high quality, shelf-ready botanical oils through a blend of temperature, high PSI pressure, and unmatched control over the automated processes, helping you save time and increase profits. As the smallest offering in our line of industrial CO2 extraction machines, the CDMH.50-2x-2f is perfect for nearly any application from essential oils to pharmaceutical companies!

This Closed Loop Oil Extraction Equipment Consists Of:

100% Automated

2- 50 Liter Solvent Chambers

Loading Capacity of 50LBS

Flow Rate of 8.2 KG/MIN

Hydraulic Powered Clam Shell Enclosure

Crane Assisted Loading and Unloading

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