Virtual Commissioning in Colombia

QualCann and IES

We’re thrilled to announce our first virtual commissioning on an IES System at QualCann, located in Colombia. Commissioning includes a number of steps requiring attention to detail, so as you can imagine, it’s a pretty involved and of course vital process.

The virtual commissioning started off with an equipment check on site. Verifying electrical supply and installation was all done correctly and post electrical check, we started with calibrating the hydraulic power pack and the Cold Shot Chiller. This was all completed via translators Eduardo & Michael, their team being extremely efficient and more than capable of getting the work done. 

We had some bumps in the road due to the CO2 supply being low, so we needed to make some changes. With the help of Alex Hill we were able to quickly come up with a solution to keep us moving forward. We fired up the machine and made our first run on Tuesday, 20th April. The crew saw this as a good sign and we proceeded to perform two terpene runs, subsequently followed by multiple oil runs

This amazing company in Columbia is motivated and hyped to begin using the first IES extraction system in Latin America and we couldn’t ask for a better team to be at the helm of our unit.

Lets make some oil!

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