Implementation and Commissioning Project Outline for IES Extraction Machines

When you purchase an extraction machine from IES (Isolate Extraction Systems), our commitment to your success extends beyond the sale. Our Project Management Team ensures a smooth implementation process, assigning a dedicated Project Manager to coordinate every step of the extractor set-up. In this description, we will outline the timeline for implementation and commissioning, highlighting the key milestones and services provided.

Project Commencement

Upon the commencement of your project, a Project Management member will be introduced to review your facility status, CO2 requirements, electrical needs, and facility layout and design. If your system is already in production, you will receive regular updates on the progress, allowing us to develop expedient timelines for shipment, delivery, commissioning, and training. This ensures efficient coordination and timely execution of the project.

Facility Walk-through and Validation

To ensure facility readiness, we will conduct a comprehensive facility walk-through. Your assigned Project Manager will review key aspects such as electrical connections, CO2 availability, purge line setup, and biomass availability. This step is crucial to ensure that your facility meets the necessary requirements for seamless integration of the extraction machine.

On-site Commissioning

Once the facility inspection is completed and all prerequisites are in place, your Project Manager will schedule the on-site commissioning. During this phase, a thorough inspection of the entire system will be conducted, ensuring that all components are in proper working order. The Project Manager will walk you through the operations of the extraction machine. If materials are available, live runs will be performed using baseline parameters to demonstrate the machine’s capabilities.

GMP Commissioning (optional)

For customers requiring Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance, we offer GMP commissioning upon request. This comprehensive service includes full IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), and PQ (Performance Qualification) protocols and documentation. GMP commissioning ensures that your extraction process meets the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Preventive Maintenance and Service Introduction

Once the commissioning process is successfully completed, your Project Manager will review the best practices for preventive maintenance. This includes providing guidelines on routine maintenance tasks, scheduling, and recommended procedures to ensure the long-term reliability and performance of your extraction machine. Additionally, your Project Manager will facilitate an introduction to our world-class service team, who will be available to provide ongoing support and address any future maintenance or service needs.


At IES, we understand the importance of a seamless implementation and commissioning process for your extraction machine. Our dedicated Project Management Team ensures effective coordination, facility validation, on-site commissioning, and optional GMP compliance, if required. By providing comprehensive services and support, we aim to maximize the value and performance of your IES extraction equipment, setting you on the path to success in the botanical extraction industry.