Botanical Extraction Machine

The need for high-quality botanical extractor machines is growing rapidly.

Isolate Extraction Systems is an industry leader in the oil extraction market, and we manufacture some of the most innovative supercritical CO2 extraction equipment available. Our machines boast attractive benefits such as consistent uptime operation and industry-leading flow rates and are able to produce shelf-ready oils quickly to meet the growing demands of the retail market. We understand how important this process is, and focus our energy on equipping your business with the right tools to help you succeed.  Learn more about each unit below.

INDUSTRIAL botanical extractor machines

For industrial uses, we have botanical extractor machines capable of 50 liters with a flow rate of 8.2kg per minute all the way up to a 200 liter system with a flow rate of 42.2kg per minute. Companies that produce large quantities of oils for distribution or large-scale production can utilize this equipment to meet their needs.

COMMERCIAL  supercritical Co2 extractors

Our smallest commercial supercritical CO2 extraction equipment systems are built for 5 liters with a flow rate of 8.2kg per minute, while our largest commercial systems can accommodate 20 liters with a flow rate of 4.2kg per minute. These options are best for small to mid-size operations producing oils directly for the retail market.

The Co2 Advantage


Why Use Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment?

Our extraction machines utilize CO2 to separate oil extracts from their original form. CO2 is a readily available and cost-effective gas that is non-toxic and can be used safely to extract oils from spices, herbs, coffee, and other natural plants. CO2 is pumped into the botanical extractor machines at high pressure in order to accomplish the extraction process and then evaporates, leaving pure botanical oils without the chemical residue that is usually associated with butane extraction. Our botanical extractor machines can run at moderate temperatures that are less than 100 degrees Celsius without damaging the original product. This quick and efficient process helps businesses achieve faster returns on their investment due to the low production cost of high-quality end products.

What Makes Isolate Extraction Systems’ Botanical Extractor Machines Special?

We manufacture our botanical extraction equipment in several sizes to accommodate operations of various scales. Each machine offers the same ability to efficiently extract oils for a variety of purposes including essential oils, everyday consumable products, and pharmaceutical applications.

Equip Your Business With Isolate Extraction Systems

Our specialty is manufacturing high-quality, food-grade botanical extractor machines that can easily handle the demands of your operation. Since 2012 we have been developing modern technology for supercritical CO2 extraction equipment that focuses on safety, efficiency, reliability, and practicality. We use C02 because it doesn’t leave a residue and won’t alter the oil’s natural chemical composition. This means that the oil you produce is as pure as possible which can drastically enhance the quality of your end products.

At Isolate Extraction Systems we are committed to supporting your business with solutions that have been specially designed to meet your needs, and the quality of our botanical extractor machines is proof of that commitment. Contact us today to receive a quote for your business and take your oil production operation to the next level with supercritical CO2 extraction equipment.

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