IES Supercritical CO2 Extractor


50 liters per extraction vessel [100 total liters]


10 – 44 lbs (4.5 – 20 kg) per extraction vessel*

Max Flow Rate:

7.9 kg/min +/-5% **

Solvent Range:

850-3500 psi (58.6-241.3 bar), 50°-140°F (10°-60°C)

Expansion Range:

400-650 psi (27.5-44.8 bar), 65°-140°F (18°- 60°C)

*Actual material capacity is based on material packing density, which is ultimately derived from material type, oil/ moisture content, particle size, packing pressure, and use of a biomass bag.

**Actual mass flow will vary and is ultimately derived from process conditions, gas compressor wear, and hydraulic pump wear.


The CDMH.50-2X-2F is an industry leading closed-loop CO2 extractor. Our high performance supercritical extraction equipment features the best flow rates and reliability on the market. Our extraction system yields high quality, shelf-ready botanical oils through a blend of temperature, high pressure and unmatched control over the automated processes, helping you save time and increase profits.

The completely closed loop design of the CDMH.50-2X-2F ensures that your extraction process is kept free of contaminants and at a consistent temperature throughout the cycle while recovering 90%+ of the CO2. This is achieved through a number of features, including a dual chiller system, an insulated vessel for cooling the CO2, and two independent digital controllers to monitor both temperature and pressure.

This Closed Loop Oil Extraction Equipment Consists Of:

  • 100% Automated
  • 2- 50 Liter Solvent Chambers
  • Flow Rate of 7.9 KG/MIN
  • Hydraulically Driven Gas Booster Pump

With our closed loop CO2 extractor, we use a CO2 extraction process that enables you to produce a clean, pure, quality oil in a safe manner.

As proven in many industrial applications, CO2 is used to produce the highest efficiencies in commercial processing. With CO2, you can tune the process of extraction to your preference and needs, particularly with systems that separate elements as extraction occurs.

Isolate Extraction Systems

Isolate Extraction Systems is a leading provider of industrial-scale botanical extraction equipment. Founded in 2012 by CEO Kelly Knutson, the company is headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado. Isolate Extraction Systems operates in the Industrial Machinery & Equipment sector, offering innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for research and development, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and technology sectors.

With a strong focus on quality and efficient extraction processes, Isolate Extraction Systems has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Isolate Extraction Systems’ advanced extraction equipment is designed to maximize productivity and ensure the production of high-quality equipment.

By utilizing its cutting-edge technology, Isolate Extraction Systems is able to produce the highest quantity of equipment with the latest technology, resulting in superior end products. Their equipment is also known for its ease of operation, safety, and service.


  • Sub & Supercritical Extraction Capabilities
  • Hydraulically Driven Gas Booster Pump
  • Fully Automated Control System
  • 100% Communication with Ancillary Equipment
  • Ethanol Co-Solvent Available Upon Request

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