Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run wet botanical material in the system?

This isn’t possible as the CO2 will become saturated and significantly reduce extraction efficiencies.

Can I run to both expansion chambers at the same time?

This isn’t possible as the expansion chambers are used as separation vessels and can only be used independently to separate different compounds.

How often do I need to change my O-rings?

We recommend changing both every run. Replace gaskets each time a section has been opened. If the seals are not damaged, once removed they can be left out to off-gas and then reused later.

Should the machine be empty before a clean run?

Yes, otherwise you will extract waxes, etc., from the spent material

Can I place my chiller outside?

Yes, but you must have the correct chiller for the climate. Please contact your IES project manager for verification and assistance.

Can I place my power hydraulic unit outside?

This isn’t possible as the hydraulic power unit must be located in a consistent room temperature.

Can I place my extractor outside?

This isn’t possible as the extractor must be located in a consistent room temperature environment.

Can I have my CO2 manifold outside?

This isn’t possbile as in cold environments it can cause dry ice or liquid CO2 from phase change as the system tries to pull gas from the manifold, resulting in long charge times.

Can I use CO2 from my supply?

This isn’t possible as CO2 must be in a gas phase otherwise it will diminish and eventually destroy the internals of the booster pump.

Can I run chiller lines through the wall?

Yes, and we also recommend hose protection to mitigate wearing the lines.

Can I run hydraulic lines through the wall?

Yes, but it isn’t recommended as the hydraulic lines have shock in them when the system pumps. Also, please ensure lines are secured and wrapped with hose guard.

Can I place biomass bags in a decarb oven?

This isn’t possible as the biomass bags will not withstand the pressures needed to decarboxylate.

What type of water should I fill my chiller/extractor with?

R.O. or distilled water.

What type of hydraulic fluid should I fill my power unit with?

BioFlo FG 32/46 (Biodegradable Food Grade hydraulic fluid, ISO 32).

How to repair the product

NPT fitting is leaking

Remove the old PTFE tape from the fitting. Replace with new PTFE tape and wrap three times around the fitting. Replace the fitting and tighten.

JIC fitting is leaking

Remove fitting and cover with anti-seize, then replace fitting and tighten.

Compression fitting is leaking

Tighten fitting until leak stops. User may need to back the fitting off slightly and then retighten so that the ferrule sits correctly on the tube.

Gasket/O-ring is blown

Replace with a new seal. Seals that are pinched or torn should be thrown away and never reused.