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Our Commercial Service Tiers provide best in class after sales service, ensuring customers run their machines at optimum efficiency.
Commercial Service Tiers
Isolate Extraction System Service Tiers


Utilizing a dedicated account manager, engineering team, and project management teams for your CO2 supercritical extraction lab planning, design, commissioning, and training can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process. Here’s how each team can contribute to your project:

Dedicated Account Manager:

Engineering Team:

Project Management Team:

By leveraging these dedicated teams, you can streamline the planning, design, and implementation of your CO2 extraction lab. The expertise and support provided by the account manager, engineering team, and project management team will help you make informed decisions, optimize facility design, and ensure a successful and timely project completion. Ultimately, this approach enhances your overall experience, minimizes potential delays, and increases the likelihood of achieving your production goals efficiently.

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