Industrial Supercritical CO2 Extraction


100 liters per extraction vessel [200 total liters]


20 – 88 lbs (9 – 40 kg) per extraction vessel*

Max Flow Rate:

20 kg/min +/-5% **

Solvent Range:

850-3500 psi (58.6-241.3 bar), 50°-140°F (10°-60°C)

Expansion Range:

400-650 psi (27.5-44.8 bar), 65°-140°F (18°- 60°C)

*Actual material capacity is based on material packing density, which is ultimately derived from material type, oil/ moisture content, particle size, packing pressure, and use of a biomass bag.

**Actual mass flow will vary and is ultimately derived from process conditions, gas compressor wear, and hydraulic pump wear.


The CDMH.100-2X-2F closed loop supercritical CO2 extraction system is our second largest offering in the lineup of industrial systems. This system is ideal for medium to large scale production environments. 

The system consists of two extraction vessels, two expansion chambers, and is powered by a custom hydraulically driven gas compressor pump. Both the system and software are designed to allow for operation of one or both extraction vessels running in parallel. Single vessel operation is a more efficient method, allowing the operator to prepare one vessel while the other is in use, and results in a higher flow rate through a single vessel. 

Precise process control is necessary to create high quality extracts and a repeatable process. Through the integration of proprietary software, precision pressure control hardware, engineered heat exchangers, and powerful temperature controllers, IES systems provide industry leading process control and stability.

Loading and unloading of the extraction vessel is made effortless with our easy open vessels, quick connect fitting design, and precision biomass bags designed for each vessel. Extract harvesting is simple and quick, allowing for quick change over time, and charge/recovery of gas is optimized by special valving and software algorithms.

Our commercial line of extractors is perfect for any small production or development project. Contact us now to learn how to take your extraction process to the next level.


  • Sub & Supercritical Extraction Capabilities
  • Hydraulically Driven Gas Booster Pump
  • Fully Automated Control System
  • 100% Communication with Ancillary Equipment
  • Ethanol Co-Solvent Available Upon Request

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