Commercial Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

CDMH.5-2X-2F Isolate Extraction Systems Supercritical CO2
Flow Rate : 1.4 Kg/min +/- 5%

100% Automation

2 – 5 Liter Solvent Chamber

Loading Capacity of 5 LBS

Double Fraction Expansion Chambers



The process of botanical extraction from plant products can be a long, messy, and time-consuming process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. Even at small scale production, you have options. Having the overhead of large pieces of equipment is often a deterrent for businesses that don’t work on an industrial scale that require such large machines to accommodate greater output. With the CMDH.5-2X-2F Supercritical CO2 Extractor, our entry-level small batch CO2 extraction machine IES, Inc. manufactures for the purpose of commercial grade extraction, the process is no longer something unattainable for cottage industry businesses. Read more about our Supercritical CO2 Extraction Systems for sale here!


The process is a method of mechanical separation of oils from plant material, which is done by passing a suspension of plant material and pressurized, liquid or supercritical CO2 through a series of tubes in order to fracture the material at a molecular level. At its liquid and supercritical states, CO2 serves as an excellent solvent. When processed, the CO2 is returned to a gaseous state, without any residue of a solvent remaining in the oil, unlike other processes involving solvents such as alcohol or benzene. What remains is either full spectrum oil or terpenes based on your process conditions. In the end, you get a cleaner product without hazardous solvents that will affect the quality and safety of your operations.


The CDMH.5-2X-2F supercritical CO2 extraction system has two 5 liter solvent chambers with a loading capacity of 5LBS. Using double fraction expansion chambers, this machine processes with a flow rate of 1.5kg/minute. In other words, it is a small, yet capable workhorse of a machine, for commercial-sized operations. This supercritical CO2 extraction machine will produce full spectrum oil and/or terpenes that is free of any solvent.

With easy loading and unloading processes & industry leading run-times, you will be able to process plant material more quickly, efficiently, and effectively than you thought possible with inferior methods. Contact Isolate Extraction Systems, Inc. to see how to take your extraction to the next level. There is a good chance there is the small batch CO2 extraction machine we make that will be perfect for your processing, R&D, and testing requirements.

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